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Jiggle cheesecakes are in fact a type of Japanese cheesecake that do actually ‘Jiggle’. Give them a nudge on their board and they really do wobble – or jiggle!

Writen by Sir and M’lady





Jiggle cheesecakes are in fact a type of Japanese cheesecake that do actually ‘Jiggle’. Give them a nudge on their board and they really do wobble – or jiggle! They are light, fluffy, soft and melt in your mouth. There are some lovely varieties of these delicate and daintily decorated cheesecakes and different sizes too. This includes the Baby Jiggle, which is simply a smaller version of the Jiggle. and perfect for one person – or two if you really must share!

Apart from the traditional Jiggle there is also the Jiggle Chocolate with Chocolate swirls, and the Jiggle Matcha for all those green tea lovers. These come in both baby and normal sizes too

Another interesting one is the Basque Burnt cheesecake. This is a variety not widely available elsewhere and it’s a bit denser in texture and is based on the traditional cheesecakes of Northern Spain and the Basque region. They do have a dark caramelised crust – hence the name. We’ve actually had the pleasure of eating this style of cheesecake in San Sebastian in Northern Spain at the place rated the best in the world. We were so excited to finally find this variety here in Sydney and it really does have the true traditional flavours which are amazing in a marginally lighter texture version of the original. It was so good and brought back wonderful memories of our travels.

You can also get cute muffin sized pandan chiffon coconut dairy free cakes with their vibrant green colouring . They are big and yet so light and delicate.

There is a good variety of drinks to choose from too. Refreshing tea drinks or you can go with a delicious Soy drink which are made daily freshly on the premises. They triple filter the soy beans and this makes for a really flavoursome smooth drink.

Mlady went with a Soy milk drink with pearls and tea. The pearls are Tapioca pearls (Boba) and are soft chewy spheres. They add an interesting and unique dimension to the drink.

Sir had a Soy milk drink with brown sugar and no pearls. Although it had added brown sugar it certainly wasn’t sickly. The subtle sweetness simply added flavour to the drink.

The tofu with pearls and syrup is a must. This had a lovely subtle sweetness- not at all sickly. The tofu simply glides down when eating it. It is so soft and combined with the soft chewy spheres (the pearls) and that lovely syrup, it really was hard to stop eating this! If you haven’t tried this before you’re missing out.

And lets not forget the smaller bites here too. The tasty and very popular egg tarts and yummy coconut tarts are constantly coming out of the ovens here and constantly being bought almost as fast. They have to keep these beauties churning out all the time just to keep up with demand. The short crust pastry created a lovely crunchy base.

We loved Jiggle Cheesecake. The food is light, tasty and so moreish. It’s a treat but one you can have very regularly. We certainly will! It’s a small place but with so many tasty choices it packs a big punch!sh.

Sir and Mlady were guests of Jiggle Cheesecake. Special thank you to Evelyn for looking after us and taking time from her busy schedule to chat with us. Big thank you to Chef Deric too.

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