About Us
Established in August 2017, we had a humble beginning at Eastwood. Our main product was our signature Japanese Cheesecake which we named Jiggle Cheesecake and it has been gaining popularity ever since. In May 2019, we moved our shop to the current location, Carlingford Court Shopping Center for better services to our customers.

Jiggle Cheesecake shop serves freshly made in-store desserts. We bake and serve our products on-site. These include the Japanese cheesecakes, Basque burnt cheesecakes, chiffon cakes, egg tarts, coconut tarts, soy milk and silken tofu. If the timing is right, customers can even get to see the jiggly motions of freshly baked Japanese cheesecake that has just came out from the oven! The feeling of getting their hands on a freshly baked cheesecake is simply satisfying.

We believe in delivering safe and quality products to all our customers. All natural and fresh ingredients like fresh farm eggs are mainly being used in making the cakes and tarts. For our soy products like soy milk and silken tofu, high quality non-GMO Australian soybeans are used, and no additives are added to them.

Our passion is always to bring quality and tasty desserts to our customers.

Please inform our staffs of any food allergy or special dietary requirements.

You may choose to order online and pick up the following day onwards.
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