About Japanese Cheesecakes

Jiggle Cheesecake is a type of Japanese cheesecake. It is also called souffle cheesecake or light cheesecake. We named it Jiggle Cheesecake because it does actually jiggle when it first come out from the oven. Give it a nudge on the cake board and it really does wobbles or jiggles!

Freshly baked in store, this Japanese cheesecake is light, fluffy and melts in your mouth. It is not overly sweet and thus fewer calories than normal cheesecake. The secret of our tasty cheesecake: Australian cream cheese, farm fresh eggs, butter, fresh milk, sugar, wheaten corn flour and bake with passion!

This souffle cheesecake is made by incorporating whisked egg whites into the cake mixture and the combination is then baked in a bain-marie. This cheesecake is soft, light and fluffy due to the egg-white meringue mixture.

Our Jiggle Cheesecakes come in 3 different flavours: Jiggle Cheesecake Original, Jiggle Cheesecake Chocolate and Jiggle Cheesecake Matcha. Jiggle Cheesecake Original is the best seller, it has been an all-time favourite for many customers. It has the good balance of fluffiness, cheesiness and sweetness. Jiggle Cheesecake Chocolate has the unsweetened cocoa powder added for the chocolatey taste without additional sugar. For the Jiggle Cheesecake Matcha, pure green tea powder is infused to impart a green tea aroma. You can find the matcha fragrant in the middle layer and on top of the cake as matcha swirls.

Are you excited about it yet? Come to visit us and grab some today!
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